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Sample Portfolio

Image Portfolio
Sample of past design project in Soldworks

SW 2014 - Airplane Bearing Bracket

Solidworks 2014 - Stinger Arm Assembly 

Solidworks 2012 - Jar Lid Remover - 3D printable

Exploded view (above)
                        Assembled view (below) - (click on image to open video animation)


Solidworks 2012 - Grab and Go Mixer Design - 3D printable (below)

(click on image to open video animation)


Solidworks 2012  Hubless Mountain Bike Concept (below)

(click on image to see video animation)

Solidworks 2010 Electric Town Car Challenge (below)

Panton Chair Solidworks surface model (below

Solidworks model and animation Desk Fan Animation on YOUTUBE (below)
(click on image to see video animation)

Solidworks Trailer Chassis Challenge (below)


Solidworks Portable coffee maker concept (below)

 Roller "coaster" concept (below) - 3D printable
 (click on image to see in detail on shapeways.com


     Please Contact Tom Martin at 831-684-1316 or Email tbmartin12@yahoo.com for more information

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